Nov 15 2023


17 h 00 min - 18 h 00 min

Best Practices and Innovation in Clinical Trial Packaging Strategies

BSMA’s November 15 webinar will provide attendees with insights and an opportunity for discussion on key aspects of Clinical Trial Packaging. Topics will include – What are the pros and cons of Make-to-Stock, Just-in-Time, Pooling, and other packaging strategies? What drivers determine which strategy or combination of strategies makes the most sense for my organization’s clinical trials?

Speakers include:

  • Tony Stolis (Slalom Consulting), Facilitator
  • Darrell Shiera (Almac), Panelist
  • Hilary Ross (Almac), Panelist
  • Diane Schilling (Incyte), Panelist
  • Robert Cascone (Signant Health), Panelist

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