Biolog Europe

What is Biolog Europe? 

BioLog Europe is Belgian non profit organization dedicated to improving Supply chain of the Life Science Industry.

Various sectors of the life science industry are covered 

The storage and distribution of sensitive, high value-added products such as vaccines, for example, require perfect mastery of logistics processes (traceability, cold chain control, speed, reliability, etc.), while complying with ever more stringent regulations.

These business sectors and their logistics specialists are already well represented in the Greater Belgium area, thanks to the presence for several years of global players such as Pfizer, Takeda, GSK, Jonhson&Jonhson, UCB and many more large organizations as well as hundreds of smaller emerging BioTech companies.

How ? 

BioLog Europe has three main areas of focus:


Biolog Europe is a nonprofit organization working in the fields of Life Sciences and Healthcare supply chain topics. We foster collaboration and have created an excellence center in the fields of those strategic supply chain aspects. Internationally, we build strong relations with organizations throughout the world in order to make the industry progress. Part of our job is to bring this expertise to companies outside of Europe that want to operate or develop in it. Biolog Europe has partnered with BSMA to develop and continue the initiatives.

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