Presentation of the event

The BSMA Europe annual event taking place in person on October 28th, 2021. We are planning to do our event in person and hope to interact with you face to face at this event. As a global alliance we continue our efforts to bring the best to your organization while building the future of the industry.

By bringing life sciences supply chain professionals together, BSMA targets excellence and improvements across the supply chain by fostering innovation and exchanges between peers. Once again BSMA Forum will be a catalyst for supply chain innovation.

BSMA brings a unique expertise from its board members and is driven by supply chain professionals having a large experience in the fields of life sciences supply chain. This allows reaching a higher level of quality than any other dedicated event.

Through interactive panel discussions, debates and presentations, everyone can benefit from others’ experience to optimize its supply chain value, visibility or flexibility. It is also the opportunity to identify unmet needs, to give some input to steering committees or to network with other professionals.