BSMA Awards

The BSMA (Bio Supply Management Alliance) Europe is back for the 6th edition in 2021 and the edition will bring many new aspects including awards and recognition of supply chain excellence.

 How does it work?

At the end of our annual conference, prizes are given to honor achievements in several specific fields. This will be the conclusion of a proces of application and analysis from the BSMA Team and external professionals.

Why do we organize this ceremony? 

Supply Chain excellence and innovation is in our DNA and we want to foster great developments made by service providers, vendors but also the pharma and biotech companies themselves. 

What are the categories?

For 2021, we will focus on 4 awards categories

Award Topic
Supply Chain Digitalization & Technology Award Digitalization in SCM which impact costs and/or processes to bring agility
SC data analytics with impact on end-to-end value chain
Visibility across the value chain to drive product availability and increase efficiencies
Innovation in  Logistics Award Innovation in transportation technology (air, sea, road) including smart container solution
Innovation in warehousing technology (new pick/pack technology)
IOT and smart device innovation to monitor the logistics chain
Green Supply Chain Award Winning technology and/or project impacting SC sustainability
Packaging technology and new smart solutions to improve impact on CO2 emissions
Cell & Gen Supply Chain  Award New solution for « autologus » SC
End-to-end supply chain design from cell pick-up to finished product delivery
Temperature controlled logistics chain in cryogenic dry shipper vessels

Why should you participate?

How does it work?

It’s simple, you just have to fill in the form if you are interested in participating and we will confirm the instructions later. Send us a 2 page description of the innovation and appendixes.

You then receive official notification of acceptance of your file. Deadline is September 30th, 2021.

The jury, composed of members from the BSMA advisory board, senior executives from the industry, the BSMA team as well as external partners, will analyse  your project in all détails.

What is the cost or what are the conditions?

Posting a project for the awards  is complimentary. The only condition is that you have to attend the conference with at least one delegate and your project should have been selected initially.

Any other question? Please contact Franck Toussaint or Laurent Foetisch

We are looking forward to seeing you there !

Send us your project

Fill in the form if you are interested in participating and we will confirm the instructions later.