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BSMA will keep you informed of a number of news items related to the current coronavirus crisis. Issues and answers are the 2 categories.
We also listen to your ideas, information, innovations and act as a catalyst for promising initiatives.


Coronavirus – Is your supply chain affected?

Coronavirus exposing supply chain failings

Coronavirus and the Automotive and Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

Coronavirus Highlights Fragility of Global Supply Networks

The 10 biggest risks in the supply chain from the outbreak of the coronavirus Covid-19

Impact Of The COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak On Global Supply Chains- Update Four

How Coronavirus Affects The US Supply Chain

Coronavirus outbreak in China spurs supply chain shifts that began during trade war

Impact of COVID-19 on supply chains

Drug Shortages Loom Due to Coronavirus

The 10 biggest risks in the supply chain from the outbreak of the coronavirus

Coronavirus exposing supply chain failings

How the Coronavirus Will Challenge the Health-Care Industry

Coronavirus has disrupted supply chains for nearly 75% of U.S. companies

What the New Coronavirus Means for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Coronavirus reveals vulnerability in the life science supply chain

Covid-19: A Material Disruptor

Hospitals face worries of supply, staff shortages as coronavirus cases tick up

Coronavirus and the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Study: Coronavirus Impact on Imports Expected to be Larger, Longer than Previously Expected

Five questions on how coronavirus will impact the global supply chain

Coronavirus wreaks havoc on retail supply chains globally, even as China’s factories come back online

Is It Time to Rethink Globalized Supply Chains?

Coronavirus: A lesson in supply chain risk management

Covid-19 outbreak: pharma’s big players discuss pandemic response

Pharma Manufacturing and R&D in China and India: A Comparison



Coronavirus: How to Secure Your Supply Chain

A Supply-Chain Approach to Solving the Coronavirus Challenge

Coronavirus: Strategies to minimise Supply Chain Disruption

How Are Supply Chains Being Impacted by Coronavirus?

Ep. 97 – Tracking Coronavirus with blockchain by Acoer

Coronavirus and Force Majeure Declarations – Life Sciences Industry

The Impact of the Coronavirus on the Global Supply Chain

Apple’s Supply Chain – Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Threatens U.S. Company Supply Chains – Practical Tips and Contract Considerations to Manage Risk

Coronavirus is Rupturing Global Supply Chains

Coronavirus Reinforces the Need for Intelligent, Data-Driven Supply Chain Systems for Faster and Effective Decision-Making

Coronavirus Prompts 2 Trade Contract Considerations In US

COVID-19: Preparing for Business Interruption and Other Claims

Supply Chain Risk Management Discussion

Real-time Decision Making In Manufacturing Supply Chains

The Coronavirus and Contract Disputes – 10 Tips for Managing Legal Risk from Global Supply Chain Disruption

NHS medicine and device suppliers urged to carry out supply chain coronavirus risk assessment

The Coronavirus Effect on the Global Manufacturing Supply Chain

The Coronavirus: Protecting Your Business from a Sick Supply Chain

Supply chain scenario planning – Coronavirus synopsis questions

United States: Managing The Commercial Impact Of The Coronavirus: An Effective Supply Chain Response Plan

Managing the impact of the coronavirus on supply chains

Coronavirus Update: Supply Chain, Food Shortages, Stock Market

In This Together: Sharing Our COVID-19 Learnings

Will your supply chain thrive in a post-coronavirus world?

Coronavirus and Supply Chain Disruption: What Firms Can Learn

Supply Chain Considerations for Coronavirus

COVID-19: Managing Supply-Chain Disruption

How Coronavirus is Impacting Amazon’s Supply Chain (and Its Sellers)

COVID-19 Checklist for IMT Companies

Telemedicine growing as US faces Covid-19 emergency

COVID-19: Pharmaceutical companies and agencies that partnered for coronavirus vaccine development

Stanford’s StartX joins Covid-19 response with task force

Covid-19 outbreak: pharma’s big players discuss pandemic response

Coronavirus Updates: Air & Sea



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